It’s that time of year again

I have been thinking of the nature of friendship.  What is it that makes a friend? What do we need of our friends? and what do they need of us?

We become friends with those we have contact with on a regular basis, sharing our daily triumphs and tragedies over a cup of tea or coffee.  We need to watch the changes in their lives, be part of their dreams and regrets. But …

I also think that friends can remain so even from far away.  It is hard to predict who will stay in your life over the long miles, and over the long years.   I have been fortunate, I have maintained a friendship with people I knew before university, from my university days, and my first years here in Korea. But it is sometimes surprising who has stayed with me. Some of the people  I thought were “here and now” friends wound up becoming very close over a long period of time, and some of the people I was sure would be friends for life have drifted away from my life.

I was thinking about this, because this weekend I met up with some friends from last year, over coffee I realized that I am very lucky indeed.  It is the time of year to go through my mail box, and wish friends and family good cheer in the holiday season. I realized I hadn’t sent messages to a few of them for a very long time. I was pleasantly surprised by how many responded.

Yes I do think that friends need contact: the afternoons shared and spent, and also messages shared and sent. Friends are those that carry the thin delicate chains that bind our hearts through the miles and across the years.


2 Responses to It’s that time of year again

  1. Lori Throne says:

    That was very well stated, quite eloquent.

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