A very good week

I wanted to say that nothing special happened, it was just a good week, but that isn’t really true.  A cascade of special happened. One of my students came in third on a special speaking contest, competing with students from all over Seoul. This is quite an accomplishment, because she doesn’t have any of the advantages most of the other competitors had; she didn’t study abroad, she doesn’t have money for a special English school or tutor, and neither of her parents speak English.  Yet she prevailed. I think that speaks very well of her. I feel so proud of all her hard work (and the work was all on her, I only gave a few pointers and encouraging words)

I also got my TEFL certificate in the mail, so I am now officially certified. woot.

And two old friends I hadn’t heard from in a while were on chat, and I got to speak with them. I love that.  I cherish people when they are here, let them go, and hope that the threads of love and affection are strong enough to be a lifeline to their hearts.  They always have a line to mine.

School was easy, and today the English department went out to lunch together. We went to an all you can eat buffet, so I’m feeling that smug satisfaction of having eaten too much with fun people.

Sometimes life is hard, and wearisome, and a struggle just to get the motivation to wake up, and sometimes I despair.

But not this week.


One Response to A very good week

  1. Todd says:

    Cool congratulations on recieving your certificate. I know how hard you worked. I know you would do it. Glad that things are going well : )

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