Its snowing

Actually it isn’t really snowing.  It wants to snow, it tries to snow. Desperately. But the tiny little flakes can’t seem to hold it together to get to the ground, let alone accumulate there.  Perhaps later tonight.

My students are all taking their final tests, so I am in the office alone. I drink coffee and prepare for the winter camp. To be honest I’m quite excited about it. I have 20 hours to prep for, (two weeks) and I should have a reading, writing, speaking and listening component. I’ve decided to do the whole camp based on the Navajo code talkers.  I found a book for kids, and there is the movie “Windtalkers” and of course tons of stuff to read for kids on Native Americans and World War II.  I am starting to enjoy myself just looking for all the materials.

I consider myself one of the lucky ones in life. I live somewhere I enjoy, my enjoy most of my job, and I have a good life.  What more does anyone really want ?  (ok, maybe there are some things, but here in the real world, I think I’m doing pretty good)-

For Raymond: Shrimp

I ate these at the shrimp festival.  How cool is that, having  a whole festival devoted to one of my favorite crustaceans.  Anyway they cook it by putting a layer of salt on a tin pan, similar to the ones you get when you buy pie crust from the store, and then putting the shrimp on top of the salt.  Then they cover the shrimp in tinfoil, and put the pan on hot coals.  Yum.


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