Good-bye Jennifer and Lindsey

This Saturday night was the good-bye party for Jennifer and Lindsey, two very cool women I met in Incheon. I always felt a little bad, because they were my then boyfriend’s friends more than mine, although I genuinely liked them.

We went to Monkey Beach, my other friend Kim and I. Well, it wound up being quite the adventure because we couldn’t find it. We asked several passers-by, but no one had heard of the place.  We walked down the street, and then walked up the street. We went all over, and finally as we were trying desperately to call someone, we found what we thought was the door. It was instead just a banner, but eventually we were able to figure out that the bar itself was around the corner and down the street. Whew.  By the way, Rodeo street is actually pretty cool.   At Monkey Beach, they have a ton of security, and that security asked Kim for I.D. — but they didn’t ask me for I.D. I felt quite old. I even shaved my legs and wore blush. What more could they possibly want?    We go in, and there is the gang.  The drinks were in buckets with multiple straws and apparently there had been more than one consumed. Everyone was having a great time.  I gave hugs all around, and we stayed for a while. But you know the security guy was right.  I am getting old. The thought of staying out till 4 or 5 am is just not that appealing. However I will miss both Jennifer and Lindsey, even though I didn’t get to hang with them as often as  I would have liked.  They were both very cool women.

Jennifer has her stuff together way more than I do now, even though she is half  my age, and Lindsey is going to be one awesome coach/teacher.   That is one of the downsides to this life.  People come in to your life and you enjoy their company, even become friends and then you move and they move and you know,  staying in touch by e-mail and Facebook helps, but it really isn’t the same. Things change in their lives, things change in your life, and then they change, and you change.  But then I think change really is part of life. I must admit I’m a little sad. Sad they are leaving and sad I didn’t know them better.  However, I do think both of them will be very happy wherever they go and both of them are going to be successful at whatever they choose to do. They are just those kind of women.

And it is raining today, befitting my mood.


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