I’m sleepy, like a pig that is full

actually I’m not very sleepy at all. That is one of my students similes.  1st years were doing a speaking test, so I did something different for my 2nd year students. We listened to “missing” by Everything But The Girl– “And I miss you – like the deserts miss the rain” and then we did our own similies. I really love the creativity of my students. I know that a lot of what they say in English isn’t “correct” in that it isn’t exactly what a native speaker would say, but … I think it sounds even better than what we would come up with.

Some of the best ones–

I miss you like the elderly miss the youth

I’m excited like the lion who discovers the zebra

I’m annoyed like a teacher snatched my cellphone (cellphones are against the rules, if a teacher catches them with one they can lose it for one month.  )

I’ll wait for you like we wait for spring in winter

It is delicious like his voice whispers to me

Your smile is cute like Pikachu

It is clean like the sky after rain (I love the imagery here)

I need you like toilet paper in the bathroom

And my top three:

I hate studying like tigers hate vegetables

I love you like a fool

and– of course I have to love this one

I am happy like Christine teacher. (sigh)

I don’t have much else going on in my life right now. I’m still studying for the TEFL– only 3 more units, but they are actually getting more time-consuming – not more difficult, just more time-consuming.  I had to make a lesson plan using authentic reading material and it took 4 days just to find something that a) I thought was interesting, b) I thought my hypothetical students would find interesting and then c) make up a whole bunch of worksheets for it.  I must admit that my lesson plans submitted for my TEFL are much more detailed and complex than my real lesson plans for my school.

Next week we have a game week because some classes didn’t finish the speaking test, and some classes did- the week after is the week before final exams, and then we have one more week after that before winter break.  My students are losing their concentration and I have to admit I don’t blame them.


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