And how was your week?

Mine was actually pretty good.  Last Saturday I was able to get blue balls while dancing with the gaysains on homo hill, and that was a pretty good night.

Sunday was a lazy day watching movies on line, and Tuesday and Wednesday my students had a national test, so I got to be pretty lazy at school too.

photo 2Thursday was fun, the first year went to the war memorial. I really enjoyed being with the students outside of the classroom.   It was agreed that they are pretty good kids, even if they don’t like to study very much.  The war memorial itself was very interesting, mostly because it wasn’t just about the Korean war. There was a lot about the founding of Korea, General Yi’s turtle boat defence of the coast from the Japanese, some about the colonization by the Japanese in the 20th century and a lot of cheesy animatronics displays.  However they were updating with some very cool holographic displays that could speak English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.  It was pretty cool.

the play

the play

Before we went to the museum, we saw a musical.  I couldn’t understand most of it, because it was all in Korean, but I did get that it wasn’t about any war, and it seemed to me to be a typical Korean drama.  Boy meets Girl, Girl loves Boy, Boy dies very slowly before the first kiss.  I know Americans have a similar trope in our dramas, but the Koreans take it to a new level.  I talked to my co-teacher who said it was more about euthanasia. At lunch I found out that my interpretation is not an outlier. There was quite the debate.

all the countries that participated in the Korean War

all the countries that participated in the Korean War

The museum advertised on its brochure that it is a place of “rest and quiet” in the heart of downtown Seoul.  I thought that was a bit ironic.  But the outdoor area had a beautiful water garden.  I think it was sad to see the list of names of all the soldiers who had died in the war.  Yet I couldn’t help but notice that in the children’s play ground area there were warplanes and a GI Joe parachuting down over them.  But I think that as humans we will always feel a bit torn about war. We love the narrative and mourn the victims.

Because of the field trip and testing I decided that this week would be game day for the few classes I did have.  Now I do think games have a place in the classroom, but I’m not a game class kinda girl.  However I didn’t want to have to keep track of two lessons one for the students who had my class canceled for the test and one for the students who didn’t.  So it was game day all week long.  It went really well.  Mostly.  Friday I have two classes — (on Friday!) that are kinda terrible.

The first class has 4 girls I call the gang of 4, I know so imaginative of me. Anyway I put the class into groups of 4. I knew they wouldn’t work very hard to play the game, but if they had just goofed off quietly, I could ignore it. But no. They had to play clapping games — on the desks.  I would laugh, but as the teacher you really can’t.  I made them do lines.

The last class on Friday does make me cry, because every class at least one student causes a problem. This Friday it was over a cell phone. I asked for the cell phone. She tried the blank look.  I said “ha, don’t try it, just give me the phone. ” I had my co-teacher translate that I would return it at the end of the class. (it is my policy that if they give it up I give it back) — she just kept looking at me as if she didn’t understand – my co-teacher said it again.  I said it again.   I felt like I couldn’t really back down, because I would lose a bit of authority, at the same time I thought the whole thing was so stupid.  I made her leave the classroom while the rest of us played the game, and then made her stay after, writing an apology letter.

God I hate being THAT teacher.  And on a Friday too! —

blue balls for allOh well,  tonight I might just increase the vodka to juice ratio.  That usually makes things better.

More photos for your enjoyment

definition of organized chaos

definition of organized chaos

The turtle boat

The turtle boat

the rest area

the rest area


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