Picnics in the park

The gang at Olympic park

The gang at Olympic parkSo we all met at Olympic Park for an all girls picnic.  It was kind of hard to find a great place, as the picnic idea was not unique to a bunch of foreigners. There were a ton of people. They were goofing off, working out, cycling, riding the tram, picnicking, skating, and flying kites.  I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the kites because they were way up high, and kind of small.

the gang's all here, about to enjoy some good food
the gang’s all here, about to enjoy some good food

We finally found a nice shady place to lay down our mat, and everyone brought some food, some drinks and we proceeded to while away the afternoon in a lazy and relaxed way.  Afterwards we drank coffee and headed home, as the weather was getting quite chill as the sun began to set.  The perfectly unexciting yet satisfying Saturday afternoon.

Sunday I went to my first writer’s workshop, and now I’ve got two projects to procrastinate on.  Hey, that is what a blog is for, right?
After the workshop, I decided to treat myself, so I went down to get a book at the one used book store in Itaewon, but didn’t find anything that really caught my fancy.  I had an overpriced hamburger and fries at one of the sidewalk cafes, and headed home.  The subway was very crowded with a bunch of mountain hikers.  Only in Korea is mountain hiking an occasion to make a fashion statement.  The hikers had, down to the last detail, the most put together outfits.  The shoelaces matched the stripe on the pants, that matched the shirt, that matched the cute little baseball style hats.  Even the little backpacks and scarves matched.  I felt downright dowdy in comparison.
One of the things I love about Korea, and Seoul is how much everyone really enjoys the urban spaces and parks. It is very nice.
I’ll leave you with a couple more photos from this weekend.
Goofing around in a traditional hanbok
Goofing around in a traditional hanbok
Modern buildings surround a traditional bell
Modern buildings surround a traditional bell

2 Responses to Picnics in the park

  1. Kadin says:

    Looks like you had a lot of fun. I hope you great a great Chusoek holiday.

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