Happy Chusok Everyone

To those of you not living in Korea or aware of Korean tradition,  Chusok is one of the big holidays.  Koreans are going to their hometowns, and meeting up with their families to have traditional foods, go to the gravesites of their ancestors and make a prayer, and take a break.  Everyone will be taking a break  except the adult women who will be cooking the traditional foods, serving the traditional foods and cleaning up.  Not that driving in the total hell that all the highways and freeways will be won’t be hard work.   That was the main source of conversation fodder at the teacher’s office the last few days.

The day before Chusok is not the day to pick up a few things at E-mart.  I went to pick up a few things for a picnic tomorrow, and wow. Just wow.

I’m a bit disappointed in myself today though.  I was going to try to ride my bike along the stream bike trail all the way to the Han river. It doesn’t look like it would be very far, but……  However the ride along the stream (it isn’t big enough to be a river, especially next to the Han) was gorgeous.  And everyone was out, people were fishing along the banks, a few young men were playing a game that can only be described as an unholy meeting of volleyball and soccer, and a horde of bicyclists.  I almost fell of my bike when I saw one cyclist.  He had on the aerodynamically correct helmet, the requisite supper tight cycling outfit, a mask that made him look like a bank robber, and — I kid you not– a TV.  It was one of the small ones you see people carrying everywhere, but. Yes, strapped to his handlebars was a TV, and as he was cycling, and passing pathetic me, he was watching some kind of drama.

Also.  I didn’t finish the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) worksheet. It isn’t due until Monday, but still I wanted to finish it.


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