Happy birthday Jen

I present... Gift Spam

I present... Gift Spam

At first we were going to go to “homo” hill.  To get to homo hill, you have to go past hooker hill. Actually I think “hooker” is probably a more insulting term than “homo”, but then “homo hill next to hooker hill” has a certain alliterative ring to it that would be lost if we said “sex worker hill”  I loved the names of the bars, but “Eat Me” fusion food was probably my favorite.

Apparently “homo” hill wasn’t where we wanted to go, because most of the bars that had dancing had a cover charge. So we went to the latin bar “Calente” . Calente is awesome.  I actually don’t like Itaewon much as a night scene, but I do like this bar.  The vibe is all about dancing, and although there are some guys trying to get their game on, it wasn’t creepy. Most just want to dance.  Its one of the few places where the guys don’t just stand around the dance floor and watch the women dance with themselves.  Some of the men there can really dance.

I didn’t stay for the whole all night thing, and although I didn’t make it before the midnight fairy tale deadline, I got home before I totally turned into a pumpkin.   I had a wonderful time. Jen is one of the most beautiful women in the world (inside and out)

I was just glad my headache had disappeared before the big night.   Do you know all the things you can find in Gwahwamun/City Hall area that are not a pharmacy?  And unlike the States, you can’t buy aspirin or ibuprofen at a mini mart.  Well, I found —  5, yes count them -5 Dunkin Donuts, several cotton candy stands, two festivals, a blood donation stand, a man selling paper frogs and foxes that could dance, a woman selling buddhist clothing, and an antique book stall.  I finally found a pharmacy, quite far from Kyobo bookstore.  It is generally unwise to go into Kyobo with a headache, because it is beyond crowded, and it is much more than a mere bookstore. Think books, stationary, music, and stickers. Lots and lots of stickers, ‘cuz even grown men will put stickers on their cell phones, phone books, and agendas.   But by the time I got there, my headache was mostly gone, and I was surprised it wasn’t very crowded at all. Apparently everyone was at one of the festivals.


2 Responses to Happy birthday Jen

  1. Todd says:

    Good times, sorry you didn’t feel well. Would have been cool to see you do the chaha. I got the information about the Itaewon dance studio. A dancer, Antonio was so good we had tell him, when the place closed, How entertaining he was to watch. After seeing him dance lessons are in my future. Anyway cool post, TTYL.

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for the great quality of your blog, each time i come here, i’m amazed.

    black hattitude.

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