Fun times

Right now my school is in the middle of mid terms. This means I still have to come in, but I don’t have a lot to do.  I’m working on my lesson plans, hoping to get ahead. Right now I’m trying to find a bunch of cool women to introduce my cool young women to.

On the fun part, I went to the Seoul Flea Market on Wednesday, and although it was 1/2 closed, I enjoyed looking around.

almost all closed

one stop shopping

one stop shopping

almost all closed

at the entrance

at the entrance

We stopped for some dong dong ju, a kind of rice beer,  but it is a bit sweeter and more fuzzy than beer. It is also drunk from bowls.dong dong ju

dong dong ju
I could give you a photo of the “Korean pizza” that isn’t even close to pizza, but is more like a fried pancake with green onions and mushrooms, but there was this guy, who hit my arm and asked me to take a picture everytime I got out my camera.  I don’t know why he wanted me to take his picture, but here you are.

random persistent guy

random persistent guy


2 Responses to Fun times

  1. Quossum says:


    Just read your first post at slacktivist. ( ) Welcome! I’m a faithful reader but NOT a frequent commenter, which is why I came here instead. =)

    I think you’re spot-on with your observations, especially in regards to Las Vegas. I felt the exact same way when I went there. While there were some people (including the ones I was with) who looked at the whole experience as crazy, silly fun, there was far too much of an air of desperation, far too much of a feeling of strained soulessness, to really leave me comfortable there. IMVHO, of course. No offense to Las Vegas or those who enjoy it for honest and above-board reasons, who can enjoy it in a good spirit.

    Enjoy and welcome! Those LB books are rich fodder, aren’t they? Much like manure. =)


    • christinebumgardner says:

      Hi, Quossum
      I like going to the boats in the midwest with my aunt, but the vibe seems so much different. Probably because most of the people are retired. I have to admit, my aunt does love Vegas. – I love Fred’s explination of the LB books! He has much more compassion than I do.

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