dancing, videos, and rad randomness

It was another good week in the neighborhood, whether or not you would like to be my neighbor.  My students were pretty good, and I’m starting to recognise a few by sight.   I went dancing with my co-teacher. Every Thursday is a cha cha lesson at another school in Gwanhwamoon.  (Gwanhwamoon is an area in central Seoul, and it is a very nice area, one of my favorites) – I had my butt handed to me again by some of the older dancers.  My…. it is depressing when a group of over 40’s and a few over 60’s can out dance you.  I’ll catch up though. I like going because it makes my co-teacher smile.  She says it’s because it’s polite, but I think it is not a polite smile, it is a joyous smile.  She really has a beautiful smile.

Friday we had a group come in to make a promotional video.  I dressed up, and had to do a re-do lesson for one of my classes. They wanted to show one of the advanced class, but since I had already taught them this week’s lesson, and next week’s lesson is a review, we had to pretend it was a new lesson.   Some of my students are quite the Sarah Heartburns.  I then had to go outside and “pretend” to laugh and talk to my students, but actually I wasn’t pretending.  I got a fairly good introduction to the cutest of the current boy bands, and found out the only band I knew was actually very old and not cool anymore.  That’s ok, because I’m actually very old and not cool anymore.  I still had a good time, even if it was “pretend”  I wonder if they will let me have the same thing on the lawn for real?

For rad randomness I had a pretty good weekend.  Saturday I was supposed to go on  a bike ride with the bike club at school, and although I did look forward to it, the thought of a five hour 56 kilometer trek was just a bit much, so I canceled.  I wonder if they would be up for a one hour 10 kilometer trek.  That would be much more my speed right now.   I’m sorry I didn’t go, but I was glad to see a friend from Incheon.  We drank wine and talked into the night, until she had to go.  I hope next time she can stay longer because it is always good to drink wine and talk into the night.  Today I got to eat lunch with another EPIK teacher I met during the orientation. She is one of the coolest women I’ve met in a while, and I was glad to get a chance to sit outside drink coffee and talk about politics.  I don’t get much of a chance here in Seoul, because most of my friends are not American or not interested. (or both)  During my toastmaster’s meeting I ran into another EPIK teacher, and we decided to go to some of the other meetings around Seoul. I’d like to find one that is a bit more laid back than my current one, although I do like most of the people who go there.

All in all a pretty good week/ weekend.


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