Well, I’m comfortably cocoon-ed in my apartment.  I am drinking the good coffee, with a bottle of wine waiting for later.  I feel comfortable in the apartment, some art is on the walls, the lights are soft, and I had a small adventure in my neighborhood. (ate some good street vendor food, and found a small little alcove with chinese pines and a sculpture of what I think was two birds eating each other’s head- but in an artistic/romantic way.

My school is an all girls high school, and I plan on introducing them to some girl power.  They are pretty good, at least so far. I’m the first foreign teacher the school has ever had, so I’m a bit of a celeb still. The girls wave and say hi, then giggle and run away. I must admit to a bit of paranoia when they do– is something on my shirt, on my face, on my teeth?  But after a quick check I don’t worry so much about it.   The teachers are very nice, and they seem to like me.  The school made sure I was surrounded by English speaking teachers. The woman on my left is the chemistry teacher, and I know she is a great teacher, because many of her former students still come around the teacher’s room to chat with her.  The woman on my left is an English teacher and she is very young, friendly and talkative.  The school itself is on a hill. Some mornings I feel I should grab some rope to help pull me up. I really is that steep.  But the walk down is pleasant, and there is a mountain that we can look at when we eat lunch.  I think I’m going to like it here a lot.


2 Responses to Finally

  1. keum jeong seon says:

    congratulations your new high shool.

    we are so sorry because cant see you.

    now are you ok?

  2. 성미 says:

    I didn’t know you have a BIOG but I heard of it from Jung-sun
    this morning. so I have just read it. I could feel you were so happy with me reading of it. and I am so happy that you have got used to new changed life. suddenly a song occurred to me “be happy don’t worry” I want you to be happy like these days.

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