Another day, another class

Well, we started good, with a great lecture on speaking. It was really on games, but the teacher gave us some great websites for getting more materials. The game lecture was very good as well, with some great info on the school system, and the co-teaching lecture was good too. Then we had the materials lecture. I’m a bit worried the guy might have had something wrong with him. It went way to fast, over my head, and we didn’t actually learn anything about materials. Dinner was tasty  and after we went to a question and answer session. Almost everyone cared about pay and vacation, but that was OK.

Tomorrow more lectures.

Oh and bonus good news, I’ll be teaching secondary school. Either middle school or high school.

I can’t wait to find out where.


One Response to Another day, another class

  1. Saemin says:

    Christine, plz, call me! I need to talk to you!

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