Finally another post

I’m very busy right now, plus there are only a few computers for 100 people. Although many have their own laptops. Our women’s dorm lounge is the computer central hangout at night.

Yesterday we went on a field trip. It felt a little like summer camp, in a good way. We went to Jeong-ju, a city that has a traditional village. It is about 3 hours from Seoul by bus.  I quite liked my bus mate so that made the trip more pleasurable, but one woman had to be the expert on all things Japanese and Korean (even though she was only in Japan for 2 weeks and in Korea for 2 days) – I tuned her out after awhile.

When we arrived, we got to watch a traditional Korean wedding ceremony with this awesome old man who explained a lot of the symbols. The man brings a duck to the house of his intended, because ducks mate for life (even if one dies they don’t find another, so in Korea if one spouse dies, the survivor doesn’t re-marry) they have two plants, a pine and a bamboo on the table, because both plant leaves don’t change color, so both people won’t change their love.  They share a drink to show that they will share their lives together and then they bow very low to show that they will respect each other. It was really interesting.

After the wedding, we got to make music. My class went to a room with a bunch of drums and we got to learn some traditional rhythms and play some traditional music. Some of my co-EPIK  people have serious rhythm.

That was very cool, but what made it fun like camp was when we made traditional paper fans. We glued the colored paper onto a sheet of cardboardish material, then cut it out from a mold, and finished it up. We were even able to bring it home.

After all that we had a traditional dinner and went to have coffee while walking around the traditional town, and then a long long long bus ride home.  All in all a very traditonal day.

Monday (today) was not so exciting. However it was very interesting. We had classes in classroom management, and classes in games in the classroom and classes in tasked based learning.  I enjoyed all the lectures, and I’m really enjoying the people I am in EPIK with.  And that is interesting


One Response to Finally another post

  1. Joanna Lei says:


    Good to hear from you and happy to know you’re optimistic to spend every single day.

    Enjoy your life!

    Joanna in Taiwan!

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