First Day

Well, apparently maybe there is an outbreak of the swine flu.  Many people are all masked up.

The first day so far except for the swine flu quarantine of a few of the women on the women’s floor, has been pretty good. After getting fluids extracted we could have coffee.  I found the cutest little coffee shop. It was a flower cafe, and they had little jeans with plants and flowers and I sat and enjoyed watching the people go by.  Lunch was cool, then we all went to the welcome orientation with a very cool kick ass elementary school taekwondo demonstration.  One of the little girls was so cute– and I felt sorry for one, she tried to break the board three times, but then she did this way cool climbing kick and broke all the boards so she won over everyone in the end.   After another teacher from EPIK talked we had a welcome dinner (mostly bulgoi- but some western food too) and then had a very interesting first Korean class. ( I actually learned something and thought it was fun)

So far so good. Tomorrow is another day.


3 Responses to First Day

  1. Congratulations on your travel to Korea… it will be the experience of a lifetime!

  2. hilkman says:

    Ah, back in Korea? Count me in as a reader. Good luck!

  3. Tara MacDonald says:

    Great job hun, keep it up!

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